Cute little grey and white old lady cat is dead. She was a month shy of her 15th birthday. She was put to sleep. It was all very peaceful. We chose not to stay for the last injection.

I posted a creepy pic of her recently. Here's one of her when she was young.

And in our old crappy place. With her sister, who she outlasted by more than half a decade.

She had a number of complaints. She'd had broken hips most of her life. Failing kidneys. I believe she was probably in constant pain that just got worse as she got older. She'd licked herself half bald and was walking even worse than usual.

We knew the day was coming, but not when. We honestly thought she was a goner a few years back. This week, she just starting peeing where ever she was sitting. Could be kidneys, could just hurt too much to make the effort; she wouldn't say.

I played with her last night until we were both tired. I cuddled her this morning. For well over two hours, purring and nuzzling. She would sometimes just "bliss out" with me like that, just leaning close and purring with half lidded eyes. At times, I cried into her fur.

I went to the vet pretending iy wasn't her last visit. She had so much life, but only a future of pain. It still seems sudden. It feels like we might have fought more, if only for a few more miserable months. Do you pull the plug on your friend before or after it starts getting really bad?

The remaining cat was looking out the window as I walked past. He gave me one of his quizzical, chirping meows. I fancy he misses his friend. So do I.


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