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( Jan. 6th, 2010 07:01 pm)
If you haven't yet seen the big budget blue people, you might be in the minority at this point.

Short and sweet review: It's a pretty movie, the story is told well. I enjoyed it and will probably watch it again; it would be cool in 3D. However, there's very little original here. Not only have the scifi themes been done over and over, but the broadest elements of plot are so familiar there isn't even a need to explain them, so they don't. I was actually mildly distracted by anticipating where the movie was going to go next. From beginning to end, no surprises.

Apparently, the movie had a bigger impact on some. Maybe it was IMAX. It's hard to set this up, it's too bizarre. Almost makes Twilight fans seem normal: Forum To Help People Deal With Avatar Withdrawal. Don't just follow the link, go to the forum; if you dare.

Now if you haven't been scarred for life, Deleted Avatar Sex Scene Opens Up Some Serious Bestiality Issues. While the editorial isn't as bad as it sounds, the chick who plays the female smurf has some provocative commentary. Disturbing, yet oddly intriguing. I was confused we didn't see the tails come out... It doesn't much help that female smurf actor ( the Avatar avatar? ) is hot in real life. ( Uhura from the last Star Trek )

I did notice the aliens were all left handed and at least double jointed ( funky bow draw ). I'm sure this is somehow apropos to smurf sex, but I ain't going there.


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