Anyone who was unfortunate enough to ask me yesterday how I was doing got a response like "better tomorrow." On site before nine, everyone had this about-to-the-storm-the-beach look of dogged determination. ( Except for Merlinia, who was jetting about like a chipmunk on speed. ) My shell shocked answer was untrue, I had a lot of fun yesterday. Of course, today I feel like a truck ran over me and backup up again to see what made the thump noise.

Everything seemed to go well. I didn't get any negative feedback; a lot of people said wonderful things. During "show time" I did what all of us were doing in our own way, running about making sure the table was stocked, people were happy, and nothing bad happened. Before that, I did "soup." Probably the least glamorous thing on the table, but it's what I got, so here's the recipe and story of it.

Way more on onions and lentils than most would care for )

Recipe, after I'm done running off )


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