Yesterday, [ profile] loosecanon started some mead.

It's not a simple mead but a mulberry mead. Mulberries, the primary flavor agent, are a tasty little red to purple fruit that stain in that special way all berries do. The berries go into a five or six gallon carboy along with honey, yeast, and a few other things. The berries are used as a messy mash; skins, seeds, pulp, it's all good.

When the future alcohol begins to bubble, the berry mush can behave a number of ways. Ideally it will remain in suspension. Or, it might sink to the bottom. These two options aren't particularly worrisome. Or, it will rise up to the top and completely gum up the works, preventing the CO2 from escaping. Guess which option we had?


We didn't hear it, but at some time during the night, the mead blew its top with such force that Pompeii would be proud. There was red stuff everywhere. Little pieces of pulpy purple shrapnel clung to all exposed surfaces; I can only assume the cats licked it off themselves. A perfect purple spot on the ceiling gave witness to the event.

Before the massive, multi hour cleanup began, I took pictures. They are currently trapped in my camera as I can't find the bloody wire to interface them to the computer. A visual record of this brewing moment will be coming soon.


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