I really enjoy my cats. They amuse me in ways, I suppose, that anyone else amused by cats can appreciate.

Of late, the little grey kitty, who is jumping impaired, has taken to putting paws on my leg with an imploring look to be lifted up. She then chooses to hang out on said leg, immediately jump of, or head for higher ground.

A favorite spot is the right shoulder:

From here, she will contentedly sit, or fall asleep, and even allow me to type of the same time. ( Like now! ) However, she recently developed a trick which I don't know quite how to take. It's so very bizarre that I was inspired to record it. I used a phone, so it was kind of blind, but she didn't seem to mind and gave me a number of photo ops.

The results are here. You may vote for the cheezburger. :p

It actually got better, though. As I was confirming the above link, kitty fixated on her own image with an intensity usually reserved for prey. When it stopped, she immediately left. I'm not sure if she was offended or merely trying to go for the dramatic exit.

I love cats.


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