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( Jul. 11th, 2010 08:40 pm)
Movies when alone for the weekend:

Hot Fuzz: Been hanging on to this one. Blood splatted and laughs, Simon Pegg is my hero. If Shaun of the Dead worked for you, don't miss this.

Gamer: Stupid, mindless, future tech, violence. More blood splatter, much more graphic that the almost apologetic British variety. Honestly, for something so juvenile, the violence level was almost pornographic, which was probably the point. Not awful.

Miracle Mile: I blame [ profile] alagbon for this one. Nice little end of the world movie. Kind of dated, strangely sweet. Parsimonious on the special effects and actually better for it. A psychological thing more than anything else, keeping the question as to whether it's really happening floating until the very end.

Percy Jackson: Not as amused as I hopped to be. More a Perseus retelling and stock story lines than anything particularly original. Still, fun enough.

Being Human: Just finished the last episode; BBC show, with more BBC blood splatter. I thought the first season was better, but it still felt bad I have to wait for the next season.

Kungfu Panda: [ profile] loosecanon recently saw this several times. I felt jealous.


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