Recall the doomsayers of last week, predicting THE END? Yeah, we might as well get used to it, 2012 is going to have a bumper crop. Still, this could be a sign; Mark Zuckerberg actually did something I respect.

The funny thing is the tone of misunderstanding and disgust the act of being responsible for your own slaughter garners. You can, of course, take that stance if you're an honest vegetarian. But if you ain't meat free, then comments like "OMG, he killed his own dinner" are laughably hypocritical.

We talk about food, a lot. If I talk about meat, the conversion might come around to particular cuts, animals, butchering, etc. Sometimes people, even people who prepare food, get squeamish about this. If you don't eat meat, you get a pass. However, if you do eat meat, you should respect the sacrifice and not go running about with hands over ears.

Even a Big Mac demanded a life. Granted, only a small portion of one, with lots of filler, but technically some dead animal was involved. If that doesn't sit well, I recommend Morningstar Farms. They honestly taste like some burgers I've had that claimed to be meat, so you're not really missing much there.
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