I'm catching up on tellie, watching this new one called Covert Affairs. I wasn't going to bother, but the buzz cajoled me. When I saw the promos, I actually thought the lead it was Jennifer Garner for a moment. So, um, female spies are always anorexically thin, puffy lipped, and horse faced? Strange.

Then, the second episode, they do a song over, only one the whole show. The song, Freelance Whales. Odd.

I'll probably keep up with the show, but the back story may sink it. I very nearly didn't recognize Suresh without the heavy Indian accent and a clean shave. Also, the sister is "cutthroat bitch" from House. That one stumped me for a moment; she's less gaunt. Yes, I always play the place the actor game. I really can't help it.


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