For the last week and a half, Freelance Whales has been haunting my playlist.

Featuring instruments like the banjo, harmonium, glockenspiel, xylophone, there is a rhythmic quality to the whole album. The track Hannah leads off with a patter song. Most of the lyrics have iambic sensibilities and are often more chanted or spoken, than sung. The female voice has that odd, strained, also caught in the back of the throat quality that actually works here. Then the male lead does the next track and it's the same damn voice, an octave lower. The harmonies are synced in such a way that sometimes you don't catch it at first.

Every track is kind of happy, even if the lyrics don't match. There's even a nice death song, very cheery. I really love warm fuzzy songs with dark subject matter. I can't say why.

And ear worms! Great Hamlet's ghost, the poison in the ear drips from every bloody track. Unlike most ear worms, these aren't banished by listening to the source material again; they only dig in deeper. You have been warned.

Thanks to [ profile] alagbon for prompting me to post this. Hopefully this will allow some respite from his English folk tune ear worms.


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