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I've been on the hunt for sugar free chocolate. ( Yes, I'm avoiding sugar; sucks to be me. ) You'd expect to find it in a big grocery store, particularly Wegman's with their large gourmet selection. Or health food stores. Or some of the other strange places I shop at. But, no...

To be fair, I found "Doctor's CarbRite Diet Sugar Free Bar" in many places. This is an option of last resort. It's by far the worse of what's available. I'd seen others before. Where is it all for sale? Who would carry the specialty brands that actually make good sugar free chocolate? Who else; Walmart.

Walmart? Prolific peddler of all things plebeian? They have my chocolate? And not just one option, but several. More than I'd ever seen in one place. I'm not sure whether to be grateful or offended.

One was "Simply Lite" Milk Chocolate. It's pleasant enough, but has that cheap chocolate oil filler back flavor. Still a vast improvement over the nefarious Doctor.

Dove has entered the game, they had "Sugar Free Dark Double Chocolate Creme". These are individually wrapped and quite good. Honestly, tastes just like regular Dove chocolate.

They had both of Guylian's "No Sugar Added" options, milk and dark. Guylian is one of the best. You wouldn't really know it's sugar free unless you read the label.

I would have said Guylian is the best available, but Wally world had yet another I'd never seen before. Chuao Chocolatier ( ) was a pleasant surprise. They seem to specialize in gimmicky flavors and their two sugar free options are "Coffee & Anise" and "Spicy Maya." While neither of these are flavor profiles I might have picked, they are both exceptional. While chili chocolate is usually over done, the Spicy Maya got it just right and I'll get it again.

The good sugar free chocolate is nearly as good as it's sugary version. Unfortunately, it's usually significantly more expensive. And, or course, harder to find.
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