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([personal profile] baavgai Jul. 6th, 2010 08:19 pm)
This morning I cleared a few apples off the car. Looking down the driveway I spotted a rather odd looking apple. It was brownish, but many of the driveway droppings are. Were those ears?

The auditorially endowed fruit was an itty, bitty, bunny. Everybody say awwww:

It was so still that it let me take this pic with my crappy phone camera. The phone is less than two feet away and at this point I'm afraid the little thing is dead. Wait. I'm close enough to see it breathing, probably more now that I'm looming over it. I would have just left the baby alone, but there was a good chance I'd back over it if it didn't move.

I picked it up and it dove out of my hand. I grabbed it up again and moved it a distance away. It regarded me balefully as I pulled out of the driveway. Well, as balefully as a sickeningly cute baby furry thing can.

We live in bunny wonderland here. Driving out of the neighborhood I passed half a dozen more, though none as tiny as my driveway baby. One was sharing the shade of a tree with a squirrel. A robin sang to me from another lawn. It's like a bloody Disney movie.


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