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([personal profile] baavgai May. 20th, 2010 09:17 pm)
I decided to change the ole work computer wallpaper today. I grabbed a bunch of the abstract stuff I tend settle on. In process, I spotted some Japanese kawaii mascot stuff. I wanted an image of an odd character called Tarepanda. What can I say, it's strange, cute, funny, and slightly off. However, I couldn't remember the name, so Googled japanese panda boneless. There are pages of strange. Number two on my hit list was this little gem.

The Belt

However, all the variants of panda meatloaf are also good. Which got me hungry.

I knew the Poles were going to feed me dinner. The grouchy old woman who used to glare at me now smiles; I'm accepted. I always forget the name of those damn doughnuts so I looked it up: Pączki. I love wiki browsing. The Prince Polo candy bar is a national brand. It has competition from Nestle with the, get this, Princessa. I got them both; pretty much the same, Nestle is sweeter.

Turns out my favorite meat snack isn't kabanoski, but kabanos, plural kabanosy. Honest mistake; as linguistically xenophobic as it sounds, damn near everything is a -ski or -ska, seriously. Bonus bit of fun trivia, "kaban" is a Turkish term for hog.
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