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([personal profile] baavgai May. 15th, 2010 11:08 pm)
Went to the Steampunk World's Fair today. I didn't have anything particularly thematic to offer as a costume. I scrounged up some amusing fantasy Victorian; a white linen shirt ( odd cut, possible Filipino wedding shirt), a leather vest, khaki pants.

I also had a beard I'd been meaning to trim for at least a couple months. I could do a style appropriate to the convention... with this in mind, I took trimmers in hand. I ended up shaving my cheeks clean, essentially leaving a very full goatee and mustache. I haven't had clean shaven cheeks in twenty years. It's... odd.

The con was fun. There was a happy, silly vibe to the thing. Steampunk isn't strongly enough defined to rule anything out; people are free to sport their silly. Our impromptu attire seemed to work.

Saw [ profile] h3salthea and [ profile] kass_rants. Finally met [ profile] hughcasey, who is apparently being followed by all of LJ. Many others. There was a clear SCA cross section. Even say the gothy guy from the DMV. Sadly, missed [ profile] danabren.

Was fun. However, we were really just there for friends and shopping. Not quite my fandom. The gate fee was a little dear. Don't know if we'll do that again.
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