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([personal profile] baavgai May. 5th, 2010 09:56 pm)
I'm sure we'll get a picture that does her justice. Strike that: I've never had a cat that didn't blow every attempt to capture them at their best. But this one might assent to it.


We're calling her Trjegul ( pronounced Tree-gull ). Both because she has beautiful amber eyes and it's Viking geeky.

I was worried, perhaps a little offended, that I hadn't seen her since we got her home yesterday. Tonight she'd settled down enough to come out of hiding. Now she takes turns staking out parts of the room and visiting humans for adoration.

While I like most kitties, misanthropic felines aren't that much fun. Trjegul has dispelled those fears; she's a gregarious darling. I had to give her some meds. While neither of us enjoyed it, and she fought a bit, she didn't use claws, bite, hiss, and do anything aggressive. I'm hopeful that the bimonthly nail trimming won't be too bad, either.

She's not just beautiful, but also has a great personality. And, for extra cuteness, she's a munchkin. It's probably bad karma to laugh at her failed leaping attempts, but she takes it in stride.

So far, big boy cat and the girl are avoiding one another. Initial contact has been cool but not violent.
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